Our contribution: Matching a CIDA grant to AMREF

Our foundation is providing 1:3 match funding required by a CIDA grant to the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) for its health program in Makindu and Kibwezi divisions of Makueni District Kenya, where the majority of people have inadequate access to health services and the doctor to patient ratio for the district is 1:162,000. By comparison in Canada the ratio is, on average,1:470.

The program is focused on better preventing and managing malaria in Makueni and is training a variety of health professionals to provide better quality, accessible and front line services. Specifically AMREF is training 200 community health workers, 8 community health extension workers, 20 members of Makueni’s district health team.  These important front line care providers distribute mosquito nets, educate women on how to prevent malaria, recognize symptoms and distribute treatment.   AMREF is also working closely with the local community-based health management information system. Community health workers, who are all volunteers, are trained to collect data from people in their villages (number of births, cases of malaria, immunization coverage) and enter the information into computers at the health management information system. The information is then used by health authorities to better direct resources and services where they are most needed.

You can see from this video the kind of impact that AMREF’s capacity building program has.