Summer camp

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Because we believe that summer camp is a cherished Canadian tradition and an important healthy and formative part for  most Canadian youth, we give access to this experience to those who cannot afford it, so that they are not denied this opportunity.  Our camps of choice are Moorelands Wildnerness Camp and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto Omega Fitness Personal Best Fitness Camp.

Please be so kind to consider my son for a spot at the OMEGA FITNESS camp.  He is a 13 year old boy who is trying to loose weight.  He has made lots of progress but participating at your camp would mean so much to him. He is just ready and he is not enrolled in any camp this summer due to my inability to pay for camp this summer. He is very motivated and needs support.  He has a YMCA membership but he doesn’t know how to use the equipment and he is too shy to join the group lessons.  I have a disability and I am quite uncool and clumsy, a total disaster at the gym.  For that reason, he is in need of some mentorship in this area.  Some help during the summer could make an incredible impact in his life

-from a mother whose son we sponsored in 2011


We offer yearly sponsorship to a soccer youth team in Ontario because soccer is much more than a game, or even a way of life.  Soccer is a perfect window for young players today into the cross-currents of today’s world. It gives them insight into their strengths and weaknesses.  Soccer road trips introduce players to adventure and teaches them something small but important about other places and communities.   Our clubs of choice have been Toronto Eagles and Etobicoke Youth Soccer


Because we want to give access to children who show passion for the art of dance, but who lack the resources to explore their passions, we provide dance scholarships.

My daughter is now 13, she used to dance and then had an operation that took all of our money.  My daughter is much better now and is really wanting to resume a normal life and continue her dancing.  She wants to do modern dance because she loves bare feet and makes up dances at home all the time.

– from a parent whose daughter we sponsored for 2011-12