Job creation in Africa is the only sustainable strategy for ending poverty. It creates economic growth and is a far better way to help the majority than aid handouts. In addition to Charles Field-Marsham investing and building businesses in Africa, we have chosen to pursue the issue of job creation and economic empowerment by supporting individual entrepreneurs and not for profit organizations like Carolina for Kibera and Opportunity International Canada, a micro-enterprise development charity that provides banking services, training and microfinance to the entrepreneurial poor so they can work their way out of poverty. Our trustee, Marilyn Field-Marsham represents us as a Governor at Opportunity International Canada.

Money for youth through recycling

Rita and Charles Field-Marsham welcomed the opportunity to be able to sponsor this visionary project in Nairobi’s famous Kibera slum in which the youth are trained to make money through recycling paper and plastic waste. The paper is processed into fuel briquettes, which are an alternative to more commonly used charcoal, the use of which is depleting Kenya’s forests. Plastic rubbish collected in the slum is sorted, shredded and sold to plastic extrusion companies in Nairobi’s industrial area. Their sponsorship enabled a group of 30 residents to attend the weeklong training course, which is one of several projects under the umbrella of the Carolina for Kibera organization, the work of which is so well known that their headquarters were visited by Barack Obama in a visit to Kenya when he was a senator.

Micro-finance: How each $100 we donated turned into $362 in aid

Opportunity International Canada is a global-poverty-resolve organization that leverages your donation, so you can give and get more.  We joined in the ‘Opportunity International: Ghana and Mozambique’ initiative because it turned every $100 dollar we donated into $362 in Opportunity International Canada’s microfinance project in Ghana and Mozambique.  The Math? The donation is matched dollar for dollar by Opportunity International Patron donors. Then CIDA adds a 63% top-up to both funds. This gives huge leveraging for entrepreneurs in Ghana and Mozambique who will take small loans ($60+) start a businesses, create jobs —and repay the loan so others can benefit.