Our 21 school libraries educate for peace and prosperity

Over 80% of schools in Kenya have no library. While spearheading new legislation in Kenya to improve this statistic, through our program Knowledge Empowering Youth (KEY), we have provided 19 turnkey libraries in Kenya and 1 in Tanzania that support the curriculum as well as educate for human and constitutional rights, democracy, positive values and widespread knowledge. Learn more about our KEY program 

Placed 130 Kenyan students at the most competitive Universities in the World

In 11 years, our investment in the Kenya Scholar Athlete Program (KenSAP) has secured the placement of 130 of Kenya’s brightest and neediest students at elite US and Canadian universities with full financial aid and a Return on Investment of over 2,600%. (Universities attended include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, MIT, McGill, University of Toronto). 114 have matriculated and are either gainfully employed or pursuing post-graduate degrees in areas that better society. All our students start giving back to Kenya by remitting a portion of their on campus job earnings, to pay for siblings school fees and family needs. Learn more about our KenSAP program.



9 Field-Marsham Exchange Scholarships at Ivey Business School at Western University

We’re pleased to provide nine scholarships for African students from Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana over three years to attend Ivey Business School, interact with its community and learn from its case-based business program. Learn more


Next 36 Field-Marsham Entrepreneur

Investing in the The Next 36‘s promising next-generation of entrepreneurs is a gratifying experience. The Next 36 was founded as a response to Canada’s need for high-impact entrepreneurs. Since it was founded in 2010, it has seen 144 young entrepreneurs mentored by Canada’s top business leaders, taught by some of the world’s top business faculty and working on to earn funding form top venture capitalists. 

Building safe spaces for learning and keeping girls out of harms way

We’ve constructed a range of buildings from a nursery school to school dormitories. In remote parts of Kenya, the risk of rape is high for girls walking home from school. Dormitories are safe environments and allow girls to focus on their education.