Education is our top priority because we believe that knowledge transforms destinies at an individual, community and country level.

Key Libraries

Books feed the imagination and field the mind. They are absolutely essential for learning and inspiring, yet more than 80% of Kenyan schools have no libraries. In response, we created KEY, the first organization in Kenya dedicated to providing turnkey libraries. Every library is run by students and inculcates the virtues of reason, justice and democracy. To date, KEY has opened 14 libraries in Kenya and 1 in Tanzania.

Student Placement in US and Canadian Universities 

Our principals, Charles and Rita Field-Marsham are board members and the benefactors of Kenya Athlete-Scholarship Project (KenSAP), founded in 2004. In 11 years of operation,  it has placed 124 students at the most competitive institutions in the USA and Canada, all with full financial aid. 114 of 117 matriculated students either have graduated or are on track for timely graduation from institutions that include: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Stanford, Duke, University of Toronto, McGill, and Amherst.

KenSAP’s annual budget has averaged about $100,000 since 2004. If the face value of the financial aid KenSAP students have received is regarded as KenSAP’s “revenue” (about $55,000 per student per year), then the program’s return on investment is about 2,600%.
More important, however, is the incalculable return in terms the lives of the students, their families and their country. The growing cohort of graduates from the world’s best universities – to which KenSAP is making a significant contribution – promises to bring strong, judicious leadership as it assumes power in the coming decades, and with such leadership, Kenya in turn promises not only to lift the majority of its own citizens out of crippling poverty, but also to lift the whole East African region, of which it is the economic engine.


Building Schools

In addition to numerous contributions of classrooms, staff rooms, libraries and water tanks to schools in the Kerio Valley in Kenya, Rita and Charles Field-Marsham decided to augment the CSR programme carried out by their company, Kenya Fluorspar Company Limited, by funding the construction of a new nursery school with a well-equipped playground at the Kerio Valley complex.  The new 90-pupil school was constructed by the local community with technical assistance from Canadian based Free The Children organization.


We provide scholarship funding for pre-university, university and post-graduate studies.

We are delighted to partner with the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in their new international exchange program spearheaded by Professor Nicole Haggerty, by sponsoring nine scholarships for African students from Kenya, Rwanda or Ghana over three years starting April 2013 . These students attend Ivey from January to April, giving them an opportunity to interact with the Ivey students traveling to Africa in late April.

Launching Canadian

We are proud to be founding contributors of the Next 36 Program, which is a program created to launch the careers of Canada’s most innovative and promising graduates.